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Rules of Ice Swim In Morocco

1. Organisation 
  1.1 Race organisation
◦    HB Sport Consulting
◦    Registered in Morocco no: 25768243
◦    Email: contact@hassanbaraka.com

2. Races

Six races will be offered during the Second Edition of the  Ice Swim in Morocco.

The 50m Breastroke 50m and the 50m 100m, 200m, 500m Freestyle and also the Ice Mile (only for accredited swimmers ).

3. General Rules

The participants accept the clauses of the regulation defined by the organization without restriction.
Each participant must be at least 18 years old and provide a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of swimming in ice open water, dating less than 3 months.

Every swimmer must have health insurance.

Article 4: Entry fee and registration packs

  • The registration fee for the event is 600 MAD
    • With that amount you can take part in  one or more starts of the following races (50m breastroke, 50m, 100m, 200m and 500m Freestyle).
    • The registration fee for the Ice Mile is 180 euros and the registration fee for the 1000m is 90 euros (the difference of payment will be paid on site to have the possibility to participate in the Ice Mile and the 1000m)
    • IMPORTANT: The Swimmers who are going to begin in the Ice Swimming will just compete in the two 50m races, please contact us for more details about the registrations fees.

The EVENT PASS+ included

  • 1 Swimming cap
  • Aid station
  • Medical Assistance
  • Monitoring swimming segments, security and safety during the race
  • Finisher t-shirt and medal

A full package is proposed for the swimmer who want it (Accomodation, Regisration and Shuttles from airport),Please check this information on the Registration page.

The maximum number of participants for this second edition is 50 swimmers only.

Article 5: Program

Saturday 19th of January, 2019

9h : Departure of the 50m Freestyle

9h30 : Departure of the 50m Breastroke

10h : Departure of the 200m Freestyle

10h30 : Departure of the 100m Freestyle

11h : Departure of the 500m Freestyle

12h : Departure of the Mile (only for accredited swimmers ).

2h30-3h pm: Awards ceremony and lunch

Article 6: Categories and prices

Rewards will be offered to the first 3 of each race.

All competitors  that will finish , will reiceve a medal and a finisher t-shirt.

Article 7: Race procedure

The swimmers must wear the Swimcap of the race at all times in a visible manner.
Buoys will be located along the water course.

Article 8: Aid Stations

The organization will provide an aid station points on arrival after the races. There will be no aid station on the water  other than at the finish line.

Article 9:  Temperature Measurement

  1.  To consider the race as an official Ice Swim attempt temperature need to be 5.0 (five with one decimals) degrees Celsius (“C”) or below or 41.0 degrees Fahrenheit (“F”)


 Article 10:  The Swimmer can wear

10.1.  One standard approved swimming costume, which may not be lower than the swimmer’s knees and, in the case of female swimmers, a swimming costume which shall not be broader than the swimmer’s shoulders and not above neck line.

10.2.  one pair of the approved style of goggles; and,

10.3.  one standard silicon or latex cap only;

10.4.  greasing is only allowed for chafing purposes;

10.5.  a safety belt, ear plugs, nose clips and mouth guards are allowed for safety purposes only.

10.6.  Any other accessories including but not limited to, music players and heat bags, are not allowed.

Article 11: Assistance

Only the organization's assistance will be allowed on the event.
No medical decision can be challenged by competitors.

Kayaks and zodiacs will be on the watercourse for the safety of the swimmers

Article 12: Abandonment

Voluntary Abandonment: Any swimmer wishing to abandon must notify the organizers rising their hand (on dry land, kayaks and zodiacs). A boat will pick them up and bring them back to dry land.

Medical Abandonment: If the organization deems it's appropriate, a swimmer who has difficulty in finalizing the event will be able to leave the water for the good of his / her health.

Article 13: Insurance

Civil liability: In accordance with the law, the organizers have taken out civil liability insurance for the day of the race.
Participants may, if they wish, take an additional individual insurance for their stay in Morocco.

Article 14: Route

The courses will be marked with buoys and Kayaks with officials will be placed on the lake for safety reasons.

Article 15: Penalties

Any anti-sporting behavior will be sanctioned by the disqualification of the swimmer
Respect for the organization, competitors, respect for the environment, and all cases that could harm the image of the event and its ethics.
External assistance: Any outside assistance to the organization results in exclusion from the race.
Failure to respect the course defined by the organization excluded from the race.

Article 16: Right to the Image

The competitors agree to give free use of photos / images to HB Sport Consulting, taken at the event for promotional purposes.

Article 17: Complaint

HB Sport reserves the right to modify these regulations, in particular in case of force majeure, exceptional circumstances or any other reasons beyond its control, such as climatic hazards, for example.