Ice Triple Crown

The triple Ice Crown is a challenge launched by the International Ice Swimming Association, aiming to achieve 1 Ice Mile in the Northern Hemisphere + 1 Ice Mile in the Southern Hemisphere + finalize 1000m during an International Ice World Championship Swimming Association.

If you want to achieve this challenge of the Ice Triple Crown, Morocco being one of the most logistically accessible places to take up the Ice Mile in the southern hemisphere, we would like you to contact us for more information to see how to accompany you in your approach.

To date only 13 swimmers have obtained the Ice Triple Crown, they are:

1 Ram Barkai

2 Kieron Palframan

3 Ryan Stramrood

4 Jaimie Monahan

5 Kate Steels

6 Ger Kennedy

7 Shaun Hales

8 Fergil Hesterman

9 Cath Pendleton

10 Paul Eugen Dorin Geogescu

11 Hassan Baraka

12 Ailen Lascano Micaz

13 Marion Joffle