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IISA Morocco

IISA Morocco

Is the official association that rules the Ice Swimming in Morocco.

The association is comitted to ensuring that all Ice Swims and Events in Morocco are conducted in the safest environment possible as it is acknowledged that this is an extreme sport.

It must be emphasised that IISA cannot guarantee the safety of any participant who wishes to take part in ICE Swimming or a recognized IISA Event and IISA will not and cannot take any responsibility for any death, injuries or losses suffered as a consequence. All Swimmers must participate at their own risk.


IISA Morocco is responsable to make all the events respecting the international rules of the International Ice Swimming Association

The board of the association is composed by

-Hassan Baraka (President)

-Fairouz Chbani (Director)

-Ainess Mouline

-Younes El Harim

-Mohamed Ouassil

-Ismail Satri

-Soufyane Moundir

Mr Hassan Baraka (President of the Board) and Mrs Fairouz Chbani (Director) are both of them IISA Officials

IISA Officials are IISA Members certified by IISA as qualified officias for the Ice Event or Ice Swim. 


Fairouz is a moroccan gymnasic former champion. She was the first moroccan to participate in an ice swimming event.

And she is the organizer of three major sports events in Morocco the Binswimrun, the Ice Swim in Morocco and the Morocco Obtacle Race.


Hassan Baraka is a moroccan champion and athlete of extreme.

Hassan has accomplished the most extreme sports challenges around the world, he is also the first Moroccan and youngest swimmer in the world to have linked the 5 continents swimming, and the first Moroccan to have participated in the World Marathon Challenge (7 marathons in 7 days in a row on 7 continents from the South Pole to Australia). He is also the first Moroccan to compete in the SwimRun World Championship ÖtillÖ in Sweden. He is also the first swimmer to represent Morocco at the IISA World Championship at Murmansk in march 2019.

The 21st January 2021, he became the first Moroccan to accomplish an Ice Mile.

Feel free to visit his website on: www.hassanbaraka.com

You can join the association calling +212 6 61 41 41 58 or sending an email to info@hassanbaraka.com