Rules 2024


Rules of the 7th edition of

L’Ice Swim in Morocco 2024

Aguelmam Azegza (Khénifra) – Morocco

27 January 2024



Article 1: Organization

The Ice Swim in Morocco is an event organized by the Moroccan Association Sport and Nature and IISA Morocco. The 7th edition will take place on January 27, 2024 at Lake Aguelmam Azegza - Khénifra - Morocco. Email:

Article 2: General Regulations

Participants are conscientiously committed. They accept the terms of the agreement defined by the organization without restriction. Each participant must be at least 16 years old (with parental permission if minor) and sign the release of liability before starting participation in the event. Each participant must have an official IISA medical certificate (to be downloaded from duly signed and stamped by a sports doctor or cardiologist).

Article 3: Conditions of participation

The competition is open to all participants (amateur or professional) with a medical certificate (see on the link above the 3-page official form  of the Medical Form of the International Ice Swimming Association). For distances greater than or equal to 500m it will also require an ECG (electrocardiogram) of less than 6 months.

To swim the 1000m it will be necessary to accredit having swum 500m previously during a previous edition of the Ice Swim in Morocco, or submit your request to the organizing committee by writing to

Commitments are open from Wednesday 1st July 2023 on the website and by bank transfer (please contact us +212 679 58 95 53 or on for more information to make the transfer)

Registrations will close on Friday 15 December 2023 in the evening or if we reach 150 registered by then. This event is friendly and festive where each participant and valued and put forward, beyond the fact of the reduced number of slots (to ensure the safety of each swimmer).

Article 4: Registration fees

Registration fees depend on the distance you are participating and the date of registration.

- Cold Pack: 600 dirhams / 60 Dollars / 60 € per swimmer

Access to the competition (Package 2 starts of the 50m Breaststroke / 50m Freestyle)

* This is a package whether you take 1 or 2 departures, it will be the same price.


- Frozen Pack: 800 dirhams / 80 Dollars / 80 € per swimmer

Access to the competition (Package 2 starts to choose between the 100m or the 250m* + 1 other lower distance from the Cold Pack either the 50m Breastroke or the 50m Freestyle)

*This is a package whether you take 1 or 2 departures, it will be the same price.

- Ice Pack: 950 dirhams / 95 Dollars / 95 € per swimmer

Access to the competition (Package 2 starts to choose between the 1000m or the 500m* + 1 other lower distance from the Cold or Frozen pack either the 50m Breaststroke or the 50m Freestyle or the 100m or the 250m)

*This is a package whether you take 1 or 2 departures, it will be the same price.

* To be specified that if you take the start of the 1000m you will not be able to take the start of the 500m it is one or the other. And you can only opt for a second distance of your choice between 50m Breastroke, 50m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle, 250m Freetyle, it is a maximum of 2 distances.

*Do not forget to present the documents and supporting documents, necessary upstream to be able to participate in these distanes (500 and 1000m).

For the Cold, Frozen and Ice packs:

*Registration does not include meals, transfers and accomodation.

*Registration fees will not be refunded.

For more details on this pack see the details of the packs on


In addition to access to the chosen competition, each pack gives the right to:

-1 Swim cap

-T-shirt Finisher

-Finisher Medal

-Post-swim aid station

-Technical assistance during the event.

-Safety on the water during the events (kayaks, and motor boats).

-Medical assistance (emergency doctors and intervention divers).


It is possible to book a complete 2-night accommodation package (Participation + Accommodation + Dinners) by consulting the page and by contacting us by email

Article 5: Swimming program and distances

5.1 Program Distances

Freestyle: 50 m, 100 m, 250 m, 500 m, 1000 m

Breaststroke: 50 m


5.2 Details of the provisional program

Friday 26 January 2024

17h00 – 20h00 : Check-In & Race Pack

18H00 : Event Briefing mandatory for all participants (Location in Khénifra to be determined)

Saturday 27 January 2024

09h00-10h45 : 1000m

11h00-12h15 : 500m & 250m

12h30-13h30 : 50m Freestyle

13h30-14h15 : 50m Breaststroke

14h30-15h30 : 100m freestyle

16h00: Protocol ceremony and medal ceremony

5.3 Time limit

For safety reasons, endurance events are subject to a time limit. Once this time has elapsed, any swimmer who has not completed the entire distance of the event will be arrested by decision of the Chief Referee.

1000 m : 25 minutes

500 m : 15 minutes

200 m : 8 minutes

Article 6: Categories and awards

-Each participant will receive a medal and a souvenir T-Shirt.

-Trophies will be awarded to the 1th in both the women's and men's categories of each race. The 2nd and 3rd will receive a prize.

-The protocol ceremony will also award special prizes according to certain performances made during this 6th edition, it will remain at the discretion of the organizing team to make this choice. 

Article 7: Conduct of the event and technical rules

7.1 General information

Swimmers must wear the official hat of the event clearly visible at all times.

Any unsporting behaviour will be sanctioned by the referees.

It is the responsibility of each swimmer to know the rules of the event and the specificity of swimming in icy water as well as the dangers that this practice implies. If a specific point of the rules is not understood, you must ask the organizers (it is the responsibility of each participant).

Any verbal instructions, written via e-mail during the briefing by the race director or the organizing team will complete these rules on the website.

To be rewarded, competitors agree to wear the official T-shirt of the  Ice Swim in Morocco for photos and videos of the podium.

Any unsporting attitude is grounds for exclusion from the event for one year or lifetime exclusion from a future event, depending on the severity of the gesture (this will depend on the race director)

FINA rules regarding different swimming styles apply, with the exception of the specific facilities for the practice of Ice Water Swimming in the rules of the International Ice Swimming Association (available at the following link:

7.2 Conduct of the competition

-The competition will take place in Lake Aguelmam Azegza – Khenifra Province.

-The referees and officials of the Royal Moroccan Swimming Federation will ensure the timing and organization of the starts.

-To this end, all participants will be asked to present themselves at the referees' scoop at the time that will be announced to them during the briefing according to their starting waves,

-They will then be invited to join the appeals chamber and finally follow the instructions of the arbitrators for departure.

-Following the race, each swimmer will be able to enjoy the opportunity to warm up in the heated tents, authorized for the occasion.

7.3 Water entry

-The swimmer must not be assisted from the beginning to the end of his race. The Chief Referee must immediately disqualify any swimmer who violates this rule.

-Diving in the water is not allowed in competition. For safety reasons, entry into the water must be done by the feet, by walking or by gradually immersing oneself. It is up to the competition director to determine the safest method of entry into the water based on the configuration of the starting point, and to ask swimmers to comply.

7.4 Departure

-When swimmers are behind their starting line, the choke orders are:

-   "Take off your clothes"

-   "Enter the Water" (5 seconds)

-   "On Your Marks" (3 seconds)

-When the swimmers are in the water, the whistle of the start will be given by the referees.

7.5 Course of the race

-The race must be uninterrupted, no prolonged stop against a technical element (buoy, zodiac kayak, or others etc.) or a natural element (rock, wood, ice, etc.) is allowed.

-The swimmer is not allowed to touch the bottom of the lake with his feet once the start has been given.

-The swimmer can push floating objects in his path, provided that he does not take advantage of the maneuver to make his swimming more effective.

-No refueling is allowed during the race.

-No swimming assistance is allowed.

-It is up to the Chief Referee, in his sole discretion, with immediate effect and without appeal, to terminate a swimmer's race early if a deterioration in his body language and/or swimming movements is observed. The swimmer is required to accept the official's decision to interrupt his race and must get out of the water as soon as possible, with assistance if necessary.

-The event ends once the total distance has been covered, when the swimmer crosses the line between the last buoys.

-The time achieved during the race will be the final time.

7.6 Access to the swimming area

Access to the swimming area of the competition is strictly reserved for officials, rescue teams and swimmers (as well as their "chaperone" for the 500m and 1000m events).

Media may be granted access to the competition pool area for a limited time upon waiver by the Competition Director.

Article 8: Village device of the event

The village of the Ice Swim in Morocco is composed of a changing area of participants (separated men, separated women), a toilet area, a medical area, an organization area, an area reserved for officials of the Royal Moroccan Swimming Federation, an Appeals Room Area, a refreshment area and a post-swim heated tent area.

Article 9: Aid stations

The organization will provide a post-swim refreshment point, consisting of water, other beverages and solid food.

Article 10: Medical assistance and decision

No medical decision can be challenged by competitors.

No other technical assistance, other than that of the organization, will be allowed during the different swims. Only the chaperones of the 500m and 1000m swimmers will be able to intervene under the agreement of the chief medical officer of the event.


Each swimmer of 500m and 1000m is obliged to be assisted by an accompanying person (or "second") for assistance out of the water, otherwise he can not be allowed to start. The "second" must be 18 years of age or older on the date of the event. The role of the "second" is to monitor the swimmer from the pre-race (locker rooms, appeal room), then during the event, at the exit of the water and until the end of the warm-up protocol. The chaperone must be informed by the organizers of the expectations specific to his duties and familiar with the safety rules and protocols specific to winter swimming.

The accompanying person must be able to: know the swimmer's ability to continue or stop swimming; take care of the swimmer when he comes out of the water; react in case of hypothermia; remain present until he has regained an ideal temperature allowing him to fully recover his physical and psychic capacities.

Article 11: Equipment of the swimmer

The swimmer is allowed to carry:


Only one standard swimsuit approved, which cannot go below the knees. For women, the surface of the body covered by the swimsuit cannot go beyond the shoulders, it must not cover the arms or the neck.

Only one pair of glasses. Goggles are allowed as long as they only cover the eyes.

A single standard silicone or latex swimming cap.

Earplugs and a nose clip.

For safety reasons the race director will ask all participants of the 500m and 1000m to carry a safety buoy and he can very well make the decision to have said buoys carried shorter distances.

The use of any material other than that mentioned above is prohibited.

The use of connected (or not) devices to measure distance traveled or water temperature is not allowed.

Article 12: Civil liability insurance:

As indicated by law, the organizers have taken   out liability insurance for the day of the race. Participants can, if they wish, take out additional individual insurance for their stay in Morocco.

Article 13:  Sanctions Behavior:

Any behavior contrary to sports will be sanctioned by the disqualification of the swimmer.

Case: respect for the organization and competitors, respect for the environment, and all cases that could damage the image of the event and its ethics.

Article 14: Image rights

Participants agree to grant the right to use their images free of charge through the photos taken during the event by IISA Maroc and the Moroccan Association Sport and Nature for any promotional purposes.

Article 15: Complaints and claims

IISA Morocco and the Moroccan Sport and Nature Association reserves the right to modify these rules, including by force majeure or other reasons.