Accomodation Pack

                                                        Accomodation pack


We offer a complete package including participation in the competition + accommodation and dinners (2 nights) for this contact us on or by phone  +212 679 58 95 53

                           350 USD / 350 EUROS / 3500 MAD

Included in the pack:

    *Registration for the Pack Cold, Frozen, Ice Pack or Master Pack (to be notified to the organisation).

    **2 nights in a premium hotel (nights of February 07 and 08, 2025) in a single room.

    ***Half-board (Dinner on the 07th and 08th) (Drinks not included).


Airport-Hotel-Airport transfer (possible to organize but you will have to notify your arrival and departure airports as well as your dates).

Extras and personal expenses.


*Please specify that you must choose in this formula either the Cold pack, the Frozen pack, or the Ice pack, it's one or the other.

**Price for 1 person for 2 nights, if you wish to be 2 in the double room, the price of the supplement for the pack is 300 dirhams / 30 euros for a non-swimming companion for the 2 nights.

 **If you are two swimmers sharing the room, 1 swimmer will have to pay for a Cold Frozen, Ice Pack or Master  Pack separately from this pack.


Swimmer A, rules Pack Cold, Frozen, Ice Pack or Master Pack

and Swimmer B pays a supplement of 300 dirhams / 30 euros.

 ***Price of half board for 1 person with 2 dinners (that of February 07 and 08, 2025), if you wish that another person can have half board, it will be possible to pay a supplement on site ( consult us about this).