Rules Ice Mile

Rules of the Ice Mile

The spirit of the Ice Mile was never created for competition purposes but as an individual challenge with the spirit of extreme adventure.

Temperature Measurment

Temperature Measurement: To consider the race as an official Ice Swim attempt temperature need to be 5.0 (five with one decimals) degrees Celsius (“C”) or below or 41.0 degrees Fahrenheit (“F”)

Ice swimming equipment

The Swimmer can wear:

  •  One standard approved swimming costume, which may not be lower than the swimmer’s knees and, in the case of female swimmers, a swimming costume which shall not be broader than the swimmer’s shoulders and not above neck line.
  •  One pair of the approved style of goggles; and,
  • One standard silicon or latex cap only;
  •  Greasing is only allowed for chafing purposes;
  • A safety belt, ear plugs, nose clips and mouth guards are allowed for safety purposes only.
  •  Any other accessories including but not limited to, music players and heat bags, are not allowed.

Medical Requirements

  • Swimmers must have undertaken a medical examination using IISA Medical
  • Assessment Form including an ECG within six months prior to the Swim. The Swimmer must declare his/her intent to make a Swim attempt to the doctor handling the medical examination. The Swimmer must also disclose any relevant medical history to the doctor, any allergies, chronic illness or medications he/she consumes at the time of the examination.
  • The ECG results together with the Medical Assessment Form must be handed in at an Event registration. In a solo attempt, the Swimmer must supply the Form on demand and must attached it to his/her attempt application on IISA website. Failure to comply with this requirement will mean that the Swimmer is not qualified to undertake a Swim or participate in an Event. [It is the Swimmer responsibility to demonstrate and declare that he/she has passed the medical including an ECG as per IISA requirements]

Cutt Off of the 1km and the Ice Mile

1km in less than 25minutes.

Ice mile in less than 45 minutes

General rules during the swim

  • The Swimmer must be unassisted from the start to the end of the Swim.
  • The swim may have a wet or dry start and finish provided that the distance covered is uninterrupted and the points of start and finish have been agreed by the Event Director/Observer and IISA Official prior to the start of the Event or Swim.
  • Course and Swimmer visibility in a swim is critical. The Swimmers must be clearly visible and easily accessible during the Swim. In case of Fog and/or low light visibility, Swimming mustn’t take place.
  • The swimmer is not allowed to touch the ground with his feet once the Swim has commenced.
  • The Swimmer is allowed to push floating objects out of his way provided that the Swimmer shall not use this process to assist his swim in any way.
  • No feeding is allowed during the swim.
  • No other swimming aids shall be allowed.
  • No tumble turns are allowed.
  • The Observer, Event Director, Medical Director or the IISA Official of a Swim or Event shall use his/her discretion to terminate the swim if a change or deterioration in the swimmer’s stroke or body language occurs, at his/her discretion. The Swimmer must accept the decision of the official to terminate the Swim and must exit the water as soon as able to do so.

Consecutive Attempt

Consecutive ICE Miles

A Medical Doctor approval to perform the next swim
A dedicated Medical Doctor on site with relevant experience

The Medical Doctor is satisfied that the Swimmer core body temp and vital signs are back to normal.

Consecutive 1km

A Medical Doctor approval to perform the next swim

The Medical Doctor is satisfied that the Swimmer core body temp and vital signs are back to normal.

IISA Events

A minimum rest of 12Hours between attempts

A minimum rest of 6Hoiurs between attempts

A maximum distance of 1650 or 45 minutes in the water for the first 24Hours and a maximum distance of 1000 or 30 minutes in the water for the following 24Hours.

Age Limits

  • ICE KM to 500m, inclusive, IISA prescribes a minimum age of 16 years at the Swim date. Parents or guardian approval required.
  •  Any distance longer than ICE KM IISA prescribes a minimum age of 18 years at the Swim date.
  •  IISA doesn’t prescribe Age Limit for distances shorter than 500m, however, IISA strongly recommends that swimmer history and background is examined for swimmers younger than 16years.